Hacker hacked the personal address of the founder of the DeFi protocol for $ 8 million

An unknown attacker withdrew more than $8 million in native NXM tokens from the personal wallet of the founder of the DeFi-mutual insurance project Nexus Mutual Hugh Karp.

Nexus Mutual explained that the hacker managed to install a compromised version of the MetaMask application on Karp’s personal computer, which tricked him into confirming the transaction.

As a result, 370,000 NXM (about $8.22 million at the time of writing) stored in the wallet went to an address controlled by the attacker in one transfer. He is a member of the mutual insurance society and completed the KYC procedure 11 days ago.

The Nexus Mutual team assured that the protocol itself was not affected and the users’ funds are safe. She continues to investigate and has not yet been able to identify the hacker.

According to Etherscan, it has already started converting tokens to Ethereum (ETH). Stolen NXMS account for about 5.5% of the total coin issue.

Hugh Karp addressed the attacker via Twitter, calling the hack “a very good trick.

He stressed that it would be problematic to cash out such a volume of NXM, and offered a reward of $300,000 and termination of the investigation for a refund.

Recall that in November, an unknown person withdrew about $19.76 million from the Pickle Finance DeFi protocol smart contract. The expert called the hacking extremely complex and prepared.